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Photocontest The Bird of Luck

22 марта 2013
Do you want to find yourself at the cutting edge of wildlife photography? Do you want the world’s best photographers to envy you? The National Geographic Russia magazine announces a photo competition. You send us an image on the “Birds” theme, and we give you access code to the unique WebCam for professional photo shooting of birds in the south of Hungary!*
Перейти к русскоязычной версии The idea of the contest belongs to the winner of the Best Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 competition, the best-known Hungarian photographer, the main character of our March cover story Bence Mate. Bence, the winner of a lot of prestigious professional contests, became famous in building special bird hides with reflective glass windows. They enable photographers to shoot from the distance and angle never imagined before and open new perspectives for birdwatching. Currently Bence is finishing a revolutionary project. In his new hide the camera Nikon D800 with 200-400 lens can be controlled via Internet. With the help of online interface it is possible to move the camera in all directions, zoom in and out, focus on the wanted object and change other settings of the camera. Photos and videos will be sent to the server where they can be easily downloaded. That is, you will be able to take a master shot being thousands kilometers away from the actual place of the shooting! Please send your pictures of birds (no more than two photos) at: ngrussia@gmail.com. The winning shot will give its sender one-day special access code to the remote professional camera mounted in one of the Bence’s bird-hides. You will have a chance to become a pioneer of the revolutionary photography technology! The best photographs sent to us will be shown on our website, and in our special blog we will be telling you about the progress of the project. Watch the video message of Bence Mate. Learn more about Bence Mate shooting technique on the websites of the photographer: hidephotography.com and matebence.hu. Rules of Participation in the Competition 1. Photographic works are accepted from 12 March to 31 August 2013. 2. These should be shots of birds in natural habitat. 3. Each participant can submit no more than two (2) works. 4. Both professional photographers and amateur photographers aged 6 years may take part in the competition. 5. Submitting his works for the competition, the author gives permission for the usage of this material by the organizers for any purpose connected with the holding of the competition and its media coverage. 6. The organizer of the competition is entitled to send the participator in the competition informational e-mail messages at the electronic address used by the participator for sending the materials to the organizer.

Works Accepted into the Competition

1. For initial entry, all images must be submitted as JPEGs, saved at a high quality level, eg 10 in Photoshop, and must be 1920 pixels on the longest dimension. Photographs should be sent at the following electronic address: ngrussia@gmail.com 2. Only photographs taken not earlier than five (5) years ago will be accepted into the competition. 3. All works should be done by the participators in the competition. The copyright should also belong to the participator in the competition. 4. Entrants must be mindful of the welfare of animals and safe-guarding the environment and ensure that they do not do anything to injure or distress any animals or destroy their habitat in an attempt to secure an image. 5. Entrants must be able to supply the RAW file or original untouched JPEG for any image short-listed for the Final round of judging on request.

Works that Will Not Be Accepted into the Competition

1. Photographs that do not comply with the requirements mentioned in the “Works Accepted into the Competition”. 2. The shots that had already been awarded (for example, as prizewinners, second awards or promotional awards) at any photo contest prior to the moment of submission to this competition. 3. Works with a date or time printed on them. 4. Photographs with copyright signs, author’s plates and so on. 5. Images subjected to digital correction: the image should be a faithful representation of the original scene. The usage of photo collage is not allowed. Clearance and insignificant correction of brightness and contrast range are possible. In the case of questions regarding technical quality of works the jury can request the RAW files or initial diapositives.

Special Provisions for Participants

1. By sending photographs (materials) for participation in the competition you guarantee that you are the sole author and owner of the exclusive rights for the photographs, and there are no any restrictions for their usage. 2. You allow the organizer of the competition to freely use the sent photographs, as well as your own image for the purpose of publication/reproduction/dissemination/making public in such a way that any person can get access to the photographs from any place and at any time at will in the magazines National Geographic Russia and Russian National Geographic Travele” as well as on the website www.nat-geo.ru. This provision only concerns the usage of photographs in the materials dedicated to this competition.

Order and Terms of Getting the Award

The handing over of the access code to the distant professional camera by the organizers of the competition will be carried out from 1 September 2013 to 31 December 2013 by way of sending a notification to the winner of the award at the electronic address used by the participator for sending his works to the organizers.

The fact of participation in the competition means full agreement of the participator with the above provisions.

*The winner will be determined by Bence Mate.

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